When You Should Opt for Wet Hire

If you are a damage contractor, buying all the different equipment you need for your equally varied projects may not be feasible. You may have to opt for plant hire. As well, you may not have all the licensed operators able to operate the numerous different machines you may require for your projects.  Again, you may have to opt for wet hire.  This means you will hire equipment with an operator from the plant hire company. [Read More]

Carrying Out Foundation Work on Modern Buildings

While the foundation of a building is the only part that is unexposed to outside weather conditions, foundation work should not be taken for granted. Maintaining the building's foundation is the key towards stability of the structure and its longevity. Indeed, the foundation is what carries the entire load of a structure as well as its resistance to outside weather conditions. Any damages typically start off with cracks, which symbolize a certain a level of stress on the building. [Read More]