Dealing With Flooding

When You Should Opt for Wet Hire

If you are a damage contractor, buying all the different equipment you need for your equally varied projects may not be feasible. You may have to opt for plant hire.

As well, you may not have all the licensed operators able to operate the numerous different machines you may require for your projects.  Again, you may have to opt for wet hire.  This means you will hire equipment with an operator from the plant hire company. You may be sceptical about wet hire as it does not always seem like a cost-effective option.

Should you hire a Freelance Operator?

Consider hiring a freelance operator if you do not have in-house labour to operate any one of the machines you hire.  Usually, hiring one is thought to be a better option because a freelancer may give you lower rates.  The downside of this is that you may not always get a professional operator for every machine. 

You may get a freelance operator who is not an expert using the particular machine you want to be operated.  Their lower efficiency may cost you more in the long-run, or it may affect the quality of your work for worse.  Thus, if you require equipment for your different projects, a wet hire may be your best alternative.

Pros of Wet Hire

When looking for a company to work with, choose a professional plant hire.  Such a firm will have operators at different skill levels to man the equipment they hire out to you.  Here are some upsides to consider when you have to get equipment and operator from a plant hire.

•    You can negotiate quotes with the plant hire depending on the experience of the operator. As stated above, their expertise may have a direct influence on the quality of work you deliver and the bottom line.

•    Your project is likely to remain on schedule as on-site breakdowns that are user caused are much reduced.  The operator has experience using the machinery, so they won't blunder unduly.  This is particularly important where timely delivery of work is crucial and saves costs.

•    Quite importantly, the operator will deliver quality work efficiently as they frequently use the machinery.  This is likely to result in cost saving. 

•    Using plant hire company employed operators is going to reduce your management issues as the plant hire company will manage their employees.

Thus, if you have been shelving wet hire, you can consider it now, assuming the above-stated benefits.  It could even turn out cheaper in the long run than dry hire if you don't have the needed operators in-house.